Good bye letters

This week saw a surge on goodbye letters. You know those letters that you write on the last day of work. Usually very polite, thanking everyone, including the receptionist, not burning any bridges, keeping the future door open etc.

First off was a letter by a mid level director of Goldman Sachs to the New York Times about why the company has lost its way. Its staff were more concerned about reaping in fees than actually helping their customers to grow their investments.  Some cynical observers pointed out an investment  bank is all about making money.  Not necessarily for the customers first, but they should be in there somewhere.  What took him so long to figure it out?  In his defense, he said the company was way different when he first joined as an intern 11 years ago.

Second was a letter in a similar vein by a long time Google employee about how the company has changed from an innovating organization to one focused on ads.  Well duh, somebody got to pay for those nice fringe benefits at Google.

Read them yourself and be the judge.

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U-Run and OMB

This is the first time I participated for the U Run and OMB.  My first competitive 10km race in nearly a decade.  The past few years I have been running half marathons or 21km.  10km is much faster in pace.

The starting time was a late 7am on the Marina Floating Platform.  Runners were flagged in batches as the pedestrian bridge to the F1 pits is very narrow.  The sun was hiding behind the clouds but it still made a steamy morning.  There were a few walkers, while I have contend with a persistent shin cramp.

By the time the cramp dissipated, I was in the final stretch of 1km.  The run round the waterfront of the Marina Bay was very scenic.  Something I have never done.

The climb up One Marina Boulevard was interesting.  It wasn’t very tough, 30 storeys, with flights of steps about 25% longer than a HDB.  What is tough is another 100+ people huffing and puffing in the cramp fire escape.  The heat and the humidity in the first 10 floors were nearly unbearable.

Run: NTUC U-Run
Date: 26 Feb 12
Distance: 10km + 30 storeys climb
10K Chiptime     01:08:35
Climb Chiptime     00:11:30
10K + Climb Chiptime     01:20:05
Guntime     01:25:03