This is turning to be a very bad October 2011.  First Steve Jobs passed away on 5th October and now Dennis Ritchie, yes that man, pioneer of C and Unix has passed away.

RIP to the giants.


Moved from “Connecting People” to the green man.

After waiting for close to 3 months and tracking the weekly deals, today 1 Oct 11, the Samsung Galaxy SII phone price dropped $80 from $348 to $268.

I dashed over after dropping off the kids to get my paws on it and thus started my migration from the blue to the green.

After a day of charging, I got full battery.  Played a bit too some photos.  The next day the battery was down to 1 div. 🙁

Update 4 Oct

My playlists and SMSes are still on the phone.  I need to move them over or exported.  More annoying is the Calendar alert.  It just plays the alert tone once and thats it.  Battery life better now, after I have set the power management to 70%.

In Conversation 7

My son said “Papa next week we are going to sleep over at school, must bring along blankie!”

I said, “You bring your blankie to school everyday, there is no need to bring any extra!”

He replied, “If my blankie is big enough, it will cover the whole of China!”  A result of watching too much fighting pandas.