SQL Database showing Suspect.

I got a call saying one of the SQL database was unable to connect.  In the management studio (SQL 2008), the database is flagged as “Suspect”

Microsoft suggests looking at the SQL server error log.  All it says was connection was lost, the store and/or transaction log may be corrupted.  Restore from latest backup etc.

There was no backup available for this database.  So I am stuck.  Viewing properties generated an error.  User security can displays only the other databases, with a prompt saying database unavailable not displayed.

Noodling, got this fantastic guide.

What I learn about Korean period dramas.

In Korean dramas, at  dramatic moments, everyone takes turn to sigh, one after another.

The candles in the period dramas are super powerful. Each candle can illuminate more than a standard candela.

The flimsy paper walls are sound proof, at the same time you can holler for an attendant.

Serious thinking means staring at the candle late into the night.

Perseverance (Jewel in the Palace)

No good deeds shall go unpunished.

Nook Color as a multimedia tablet.

I was conversing in a forum about which tablet to buy when someone suggested the Nook Color.  After a quick noodle, it looks like a very promising candidate.

A check on Utube, there were some side by side comparisons.  The Nook actually boots up and load pages faster than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It really begins to look like a serious proposition.   Buy  Nook Color ebook reader and root it to run Android.  Get all the functionality of the Android Market place eg Angry Birds :), while keeping BN applications.

Will spend more time on this next month.

Password security

This is a very simple rule in application security.

Never ever save a user password in the clear.

Quite simple right?  No matter where it is stored, ultimately it needs to be opened for reading or backup.

If you need to save the user password, use a strong one way hash algorithm and save the hash.  All you need to do on authentication is to compare hashes. Simple?

Some people don’t get it.  Engadget reported that some mobile application or apps store password in the clear.

Read about it here.

The new Windows.

Microsoft Windows has always been linked with Intel i386 processors.  There was a perpetual cycle of onemanship.  Every time a newer faster CPU that rolls off the foundries of Intel, Microsoft will release a new version that will invariably cripple the computer.

At the recent Computex 2011, Microsoft revealed a windowless Windows 8 running on an ARM cpu.  Surprise surprise, the stranglehold of Intel on desktop computing just got broken by the advent of tablets.  The jury is still out on whether the tablet can replace a desktop for home use.  Nevertheless, this is history in the making.

link ARM Qualcomm


A website setup by Google to showcase HTML 5 coding.  It uses the topic about browsers show case how to do animation without flash.    Move the mouse to the edge of each page and watch it curl.

The website released in late 2010, has now gone international.  It is now in 15 languages and open sourced.

20 things I learned about browsers link

Tour Agents

I was trying to arrange some flight details for trip. I got my twice cancelled tickets back alive and connecting flights booked.

Except that the airline decided to cancel the flight and I have to find another flight to meet my connecting. I have the tour agent scouring for tickets in a holiday season.

I think the tour agents are an under appreciated lot. Trying to send a group of people overseas, sometime on different airlines. coupled together with not so understanding customers.