Compellent is now Dell

Compellent storage is a company that provides top tier storage solutions for medium tier pricing.  Even though their entry model can be pricey when compared with the giants like HP, IBM.  The nice thing is that it comes with storage virtualization and thin provisioning etc.

The problem is that Compellent brand is not very well known in Singapore.  Trying to sell or buy it is an uphill challenge.  Now it is in the stables of Dell together with Equallogic.  Hopefully this will get a wider exposure.

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Another reason not to use Javascript.

Javascript is suppose to you give you a richer browsing experience.  It can detect the browser client that you are using and adjust the content for your viewing pleasure.

The downside is that the web pages can be take a long time to load.  Some surfers have started disabling Javascript on their browsers.  It seems that now there is another reason to that, the use of Javascript to defeat NYT paywall. link

Converting from Windows to Linux.

After a long period of procrastination, I have decided to replace the old dead PC with a Linux box. This was mainly driven by the fact price of RAM is falling and 32bit Windows can only support 3Gb of RAM. I figure since I am going to bust the 32 bit limit, why don’t do it with a big bang.

The different flavours should have most of the device covered by now.

How wide is it?

I was tooling around Microsoft SQL server in preparation for a 64 bit migration when I came across this interesting command.


It returned the following for my Intel box.

1    ProductName    NULL    Microsoft SQL Server
2    ProductVersion    589824    9.00.4035.00
3    Language    1033    English (United States)
4    Platform    NULL    NT AMD64
5    Comments    NULL    NT AMD64
6    CompanyName    NULL    Microsoft Corporation
7    FileDescription    NULL    SQL Server Windows NT – 64 Bit
8    FileVersion    NULL    2005.090.4035.00
9    InternalName    NULL    SQLSERVR
10    LegalCopyright    NULL    © Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
11    LegalTrademarks    NULL    Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Windows(TM) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
12    OriginalFilename    NULL    SQLSERVR.EXE
13    PrivateBuild    NULL    NULL
14    SpecialBuild    264437760    NULL
15    WindowsVersion    248381957    5.2 (3790)
16    ProcessorCount    1    1
17    ProcessorActiveMask    1                   1
18    ProcessorType    8664    NULL
19    PhysicalMemory    7935    7935 (8320720896)
20    Product ID    NULL    NULL

Interesting to see that it reports an AMD CPU.  Checking with Google, it appears that AMD beat Intel to the 64 bit arena, as such got frozen in programming history. link

Update  19 Apr 11
I was wondering if any of my dark servers can take a 64 bit OS.  This very nifty tool from VMware  does a width check. Link

Update 24 Jul 11
The SQL version numbers reported above are not friendly to non-SQL gurus.  This command helps a bit.

 Select @@version

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – 9.00.4035.00 (X64)   Nov 24 2008 16:17:31   Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation  Enterprise Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)


Tablet / Smart phone CPU

The processor used in smart phones used to be some low end, cheapest CPU core the handset manufacturer can squeeze into the BOM.  Nowadays you get 1GHz class CPU in phones and tablets with nearly as much horsepower was a netbook.

Here is the shakedown of the top CPUs of the moment. Snapdragon, Hummingbird and OMAP.  link

Internet Explorer 6.0

This is for the viewers that made a accumulated total of 6000 views.  Please stop using Internet Explorer 6.0.

There are lots of bugs on it and Microsoft is no longer fixing it.  Please upgrade to the next version of IE, 7.0, 8.0 or if you can find it 9.0.  If you don’t like IE 7 or any other version, you might want to consider Firefox or Opera. Firefox Portable really rocks.

Trust me it is worth the effort to have a more secure browsing environment. Especially for tabbed browsing.

Update 7 Mar:  Since my post on this in 30 Jul 10, Microsoft has recently started a campaign to ask people to upgrade from Internet Explorer 6. link No, my post did not start the campaign.

New OS, new way of installing hotfixes

There is a new file format called msu or Microsoft Update Standalone package.  These are hotfixes meant for Vista and new OS.  It is also used for the installation of Vista OS, but I have not tried digging to that detail.

The msu file is a compressed file archive of a cab file, xml and a text file.  The xml file is the installer config file.  If you are handling at the msu file level, use the Windows Update Stand-alone Installer or Wusa.exe.  If you are going to use SMS or SCCM to push it out, you will need to play with expanded file and the package manager, pkgmgr.exe.  The pkgmgr is the actual program that does the heavy lifting with  xml file.

Wusa pkgmgr

iPad 2 is launched.

Riding on the success of the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple release a new version of iPad on 2 Mar 11.  The first iPad was launched in Jan 2010.

It features, dual core 1GHz CPU, front and back cameras and HDMI output.

Still too expensive for my taste.

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