In conversation 5

“Mama who is Obama?” my daughter, “Obama is the President of United States” my wife said.

“Oh, you mean President of United States of Africa?” my daughter asked.

The parents erupt into laughter.  She still got a long way to go before starting on geography.

Printer migration from Windows 2003 to 2008

In Windows 2008, there is a nifty looking tool for printer management and migration.  It looks very good for daily operations, using it for migration, is well not so good.

You can add all your Windows 2003 and later print servers here to manage.  To migrate the print queues,   you have to Export/ backup the print queues and later at the destination, Import/restore.  The GUI version during Export may stop mysteriously and  ask you to check the event view for more details.  I have encountered in the Application log, there are several informational events, but none on why it failed.

I recommend the command line version with gives a slightly better output.  Open a command window with Administrator permission.  Change your path to c:\windows\system32\spool\tools.  Run the Printer Migration Wizard.

printbrm -s \\servername -b -f filename

Provide just a filename. Do not include any path information or the Wizard will give a mysterious “Not enough permissions”. See here and here

The wizard will now run, copying queue names, model names, driver details.  If it fails with the following:

The following error occurred: 0x80070002.
The system cannot find the file specified.

Check the eventlog for detailed information about the error which occurred.

Verify if the monitors and its associated DLL files exists.  It is documented in detail here.

Once the backup is completed, you can restore it back into Windows 2008 with the same bit width.  32 bit to 32 bit.  32 bit to 64 bit, you will need to reinstall the drivers.

I never got to that stage.

Three things today

Trying out noting three things that made my day.

Hack a pillow case to be a seat cover case for son’s booster cushion. The four stacks of Ikea seat cushion kept running around.

Delivered manpower forecast and crunch.

Persisted and managed cross training of one guy. Temptations to do that deployment was very strong.

Top posts

I write about lots of stuff on my blog.  It originally started out to be very tech  focus on IT at my work and Palm.  I slowly expanded to include stuff about IT in general, work and baking pies.

Looking through the blog statistics, the results were most interesting.  I have been getting a lot of hits from people trying to install SQL 2005 cluster.

Next time I encounter some more lesser documented stuff about IT, you can find it here.

JW Player test 2

It worked using the JW Player plugin. It uses flash only, whereas the non plugin version can have HTML5.

Testing JWPlayer

I hope this works with JW Player

Nokia Mail for Exchange requires secure connection.

My Nokia E71’s Nokia Mail for Exchange (2.9) suddenly kept insisted on a secure connection. This is even when I have set it in the profile.

Recreating the profile gave the same result. I re-installed the Mail for Exchange application with no success.  Frustrated, I reset the phone, it still kept asking for secure connection. It seems that the flag is stuck somewhere in the Symbian OS.  Looks like more drastic measures are required.

In the end, I removed the application, deleted the server certificate, restarted the phone and installed the application . That did the trick.

The certificate management screen can be found in Tools, Settings, General.