In Conversation 3

Son: “Papa where is mama?”

I said “Mama got meeting, she went to work already.”

Son: “Then how she go to work?”

Me: “You fly her lor”

Son: “Noooo!  I am not a superman!  Next time when I grow up, I will have a concrete mixer with wings.  Then I will drive her, vroooommmmm”

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Outlook prompts for password after inactivity.

This has been baffling the team for quite some time. Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 will prompt for password after long periods of inactivity like overnight or lunch. The box is similar to Outlook Anywhere login.

There is definitely nothing wrong with Outlook and the environment as it has been use for nearly a year. Poking around the Power Settings in Control Panel other than sleeping the CPU, did not show anything.

Since Google said it might be due to network connectivity, I decided to have a look in the network adapter settings. Lo and behold, there is a power management tab. Unchecked ‘Can shutdown adapter to conserve power’ . No more prompts.

In summary, the out of box config for Windows 7 will sleep the network adapter if there is no outgoing activity, causing a prompt for authentication.

Update: I have seen a HP with Win XP with this problem. Similarly, I unchecked the power management and services resumed.

Update 3 May 11 – You must restart / reboot the computer for this setting to be effective.

Classic Event Viewer

Windows 7 and 2008 has a new style of Event Viewer with the action pane.  Strangely they still called it MMC 3.0 since it is a departure from the 2 panel MMC to the 3 panel MMC.

If you prefer the Event View with the old style MMC, you might want to check this out.