SID are used to uniquely identify each object in the Windows world . An analogy will be social security numbers or NRIC number.

I was very surprised when I heard that the famous sysinternal tool, newsid has ben depreciated.  Afterall you need to use when deploying clones.

It seems that having identical SIDs does not affect security operations., except when you are talking about domain controllers. Hmmm.  Hit the link here.

Stuff from Google reader

Its been written several times in the press on the property boom in China and associated gobbling of raw materials of raw commodities.

Every wonder why did all the steel went to?

1. Vienna Wood Community in Hefei City died before born on Dec. 10th, 2005. The community covered about 20,000 m2 construction area with the main structure raised to 58.5 m high. The tens of millions yuan worth building was blasted as a whole when its 16th floor was still under progress. According to local government, the community punctuated the central divide of Hefei City, blocking the scenery between Huangshan Road and Dashushan Mountain. They couldn’t straighten Huangshan Road unless the community was out of the way.

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On set pictures of Star Wars.  Hit the link.

A Project

What is a project team?  According to the Project Management Institute, a project “it’s a temporary group activity designed to produce a unique product, service or result”.

This is what happens how can things go really wrong.

From here.

SCOM problems

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager or SCOM 2007 can be a blessing when it is working.  When it is not, it is a real pain to troubleshoot.

It all began when the database is full and it kept complaining until it stopped working.  The database could not be accessed as the admin account has been deleted.  So we changed to admin to another account.  Thereafter the management server turned gray and permanently refuse to go green.

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Chocolate Fridge cake

I saw this chocolate fridge cake on a famous chef’s website. The picture was beautiful, with dark chocolate, lovely green from pistachio nuts and reds from pecan nuts. The non bake method was the clinched the deal.

When I made it, it required 200gms of chocolate. Since I did not have that many, I threw in my two bars of Ikea hazelnut bars and skipped the sugar. As this is the first time I am doing this and keeping it peanut free, I decided to use mixed fruit with a sprinkling of raisins.

The end result was yummy. Tastes like fruit cake. The texture of the biscuit is like cake. I keeping missing something crunchy. Maybe next time.

Right now the recipe of fruitcake on the box is giving me ideas, especially with the festive season around the corner.

Update 10 Oct

In the morning, passed half of the bar to my sister.  That did not last till mid day!


Moto Droid Pro

Finally!! About time.  Motorola announces the first Android phone with a front facing QWERTY keyboard, shipping by end of  2010.

The specifications are pretty standard, Android 2.2, 1Ghz CPU, 3.1 inch capacitive touch screen display, 5MP camera with DVD quality recording, 3G tethering.  Most websites shows specifications with a 5MP autofocus camera.  On Engadget’s video, it says fixed focus. Hmmmm..  No front facing camera.  Double hmmmm.

This should have a good competing model to Dell Smoke

Now if Google can fix the send business card … …

Update 11 Oct.  According to MotoDev, the camera is autofocus.  Now can you please fix the numeric keyboard?  Take a leaf from Palm Treo.  And a torch light pretty please?

Update 12 Oct.  Added Droid Pro official website.

link link Dell Smoke MotoDev Droid Pro official website

Colors of the web

What color or shade do you use for your website?  A survey turns up very strange results.  There is  significant number of brands with various shades of blue.  Purple seems to be barren with gray a close second.  Note purple is also considered  to be a gay color.  But then Indians love purple!