Mooncakes Part Duex

Made two batches of mooncakes during the weekend.  The first batch, some when horribly wrong it was so sticky that I could not get it off my fingers.  It was also extremely sweet.  I think there is not enough flour.  Strangely there were several websites with the same combination.

Second batch with a new recipe was much more better.  I could at least roll it into a ball without it coming apart.  The mould separation was good too.  Just one problem. I forgot to put flavoring into the pastry mix which means it is going to be tasteless on the outside, green tea on the inside.  Looks like I have to got for round three.

recipe #2

Lotus Paste, Lotus Paste where art thou?

It is time of the year for my favourite pastry, mooncakes!!!  I went to the nearby bakery supply shop to purchase the Lotus Paste filling and shortening.  Turns out they are sold out on Lotus Paste and low on a lot of other fillings.  I guess I have to make do with Green Tea.

Keeping my fingers cross on the resupply situation. For now I have to make do and experiment!

Philippines tourist hostage crisis

This may be disconcerting for some people.  Police storming a tour bus with 25 hostages.   Note the light rain at the start and lack of rain rear the end of the video.  According to press reports the whole raid took 43 minutes.  Mon 23 Aug 10  At the end 8 dead, with the hijacker shot.

Wiki link

WordPress Theme

I have messed around with different themes for the blog, some successful, some turned out to be really bad for me.

The magicblue look great with its snazzy banner of blue and white lines.  Somehow I feel it can be better, especially since I want to migrate my photoblogs off Douglas Bowman’s Photo Gallery.  Photo Gallery is now stucked on Movable Type 3.31 because it is so complex to migrate.

Some of the WordPress’s photoblog themes I tried include AutofocusPlus, snapshot, ThemememeAperio.  Some how they don’t click with me or may be my photos are too badly taken to be stretched to 800×600.

I was reading Mr Myagi RSS feed when I accidentally open his web page.  Hmm looks nice.  The theme is The Erudite.  Looks ok with all the recent posts tiled on the home page.  Some things like the use of serifs and really small text is calling out to me to tweak it and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the CSS document.

I guess I will leave it until I can’t stand it anymore.  Now about the photoblogs .. .. . .. .

System Center Operations Manager 2007

I have used the grandfather of this application when it was called Microsoft Operation Manager (MOM).  It can be annoying, sending out alerts after another for the most mundane to weird situations. eg DAC component out of date, high memory usage. etc

It is however really useful to tell you the health of your applications, eg mail queues of Exchange Server, long running jobs of SQL servers. etc

That is if you can get it to work.

I was looking at the monthly availability reports from SCOM and noticed that my SQL Cluster virtual servers are not showing up.  After some googling found a most astonishing fact.  SCOM 2007 will only recognize the first virtual server.  You have to implement an override for clusters.

Link Techdoc Link

To Err is divine

Have you ever wondered what do the hex codes in the Windows Server event viewer meant?

Event Type:    Failure Audit
Event Source:    Security
Event Category:    Account Logon
Event ID:    675
Date:        8/18/2010
Time:        3:45:54 PM
Computer:    ComputerName
Pre-authentication failed:
User Name:    username
User ID:        Domainname\username
Service Name:    krbtgt/domainname.suffix
Pre-Authentication Type:    0x2
Failure Code:    0x18
Client Address:    xx.yy.zz.kk

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Using the err tool with 0x18 code, it reveals the following:

F:\>err 0x18
# for hex 0x18 / decimal 24 :
BTH_ERROR_PAIRING_NOT_ALLOWED                                 bthdef.h
REFERENCE_BY_POINTER                                          bugcodes.h
# SCEP Add-on cannot find the certificate’s serial number in
# the client’s PKCS7 message (%2).  %3  Please find support
# information at http://%1/certsrv/mscep/mscephlp.htm.
# Certificate Services did not start: Unable to get
# certificate server CSP information from registry for %1.
# %2.
CR_APM_VETOED                                                 cfgmgr32.h
LOG_MODULE_LKQRM                                              clusvmsg.h
LLC_STATUS_INVALID_BUFFER_LENGTH                              dlcapi.h
IAAPI_BADIDENTIFIER                                           iaapi.h
# /* Bad identifier in a parsing display value */
KDC_ERR_PREAUTH_FAILED                                        kerberr.h
# Pre-authentication information was invalid
POLICY_ERRV_SUBNET_UNAUTH_USER_FLOW_RATE                      lpmapi.h
MAPI_DIAG_ALPHABETIC_CHARACTER_LOST                           mapidefs.h
MSIDBERROR_BADKEYTABLE                                        msiquery.h
# table in KeyTable column of _Validation table could not be
# found/loaded
NRC_SABORT                                                    nb30.h
# /* session ended abnormally                   */
NDDE_CANT_ACCESS_SERVER                                       nddeapi.h
NMERR_OUT_OF_RANGE                                            netmon.h
OLE_ERROR_NOT_LINK,                                           ole.h
# Not a linked object                     */
# Time Provider NtpClient: No valid response has been
# received from domain controller %1
# after 8 attempts to contact it. This domain controller will
# be
# discarded as a time source and NtpClient will attempt to
# discover a
# new domain controller from which to synchronize.
ERROR_BAD_LENGTH                                              winerror.h
# The program issued a command but the command length is
# incorrect.
# 18 matches found for “0x18”

Nice?  Err tool pulls together all the error headers and returns all possible occurrence of the error code.  It does not give you an definite answer the cause, but it points the possible way.  This is originally an Exchange Server tool, but it works for Windows Server problems too.  Watch your path.

Download it here