Photographer arrested for taking photos of flood.

A photographer was taking photos of flood waters in the Bukit Timah area when he was handcuffed.  Yes thats right handcuffed. Seesh I thought we do that only for serious crimes.  Handcuffs for water.

This was the response.

THERE is no ministry policy that prohibits the taking of flood pictures, Minister for Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim told Parliament on Monday.

The issue came to light during Saturday’s floods when veteran photojournalist Shafie Goh from evening daily Lianhe Wanbao was handcuffed after allegedly dismissing police warnings to leave. Mr Goh, 57, had been snapping shots of the flood in the Bukit Timah area.

Responding to a question from Member of Parliament Penny Low on whether a no-picture policy exists, Dr Yaacob said there was nothing private about a flood. Dr Yaacob added however, that his knowledge of the case came only from news reports he had read.

‘From what we understand, the photographer was warned because of safety issues, not because of privacy issues,’ he said. ‘There’s nothing private about a flood, and I think based upon the report, that’s what we understood to have happened that morning,’ he said.

The police said in a statement on Sunday that Mr Goh had been repeatedly asked to move to a safe place as he was taking photos in a dangerous position. But he refused to comply, and continued walking along the road divider, snapping away. Officers then handcuffed him. Mr Goh was not wearing any media identification at the time, and officers were not aware that he was from the press.

The incident has sparked concern from the Singapore National Union of Journalists over what it described as a ‘very unpleasant and humiliating experience’ for Mr Goh. In a written statement, the union said circumstances in which the police can handcuff an individual should be made clear. Police have classified the case under Section 186 of the Penal Code – obstructing a public servant in discharge of his public functions. Investigations are ongoing.

Note the statement implies only press photographers are allowed to take photos of flood waters.  If you as an ordinary citizen, in doing can be handcuffed.

Mozilla Firefox About commands

Need to download the image that is on the webpage? Try about:cache.

Here are some more about commands.


Just typing “about:” will show general and version information. It’s kind of short for about firefox 🙂


It’s a firefox easter egg. Try it.


Shows a blank page.


Shows Firefox configuration.


Shows information about Firefox cache. You can even browse the files in the cache

From here.

Exchange 2007 services cannot start.

This is an oldie.  Surprised I did not post this when I first encountered Exchange services not starting in 2008.  May be I was too engrossed in this.

Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has decided Exchange 2007 services will be signed via certificates.  The  Exchange Services on start up will validate the certificate chain. If the Exchange server has a clear path to the Internet, everything is fine.  Otherwise the certificates are not validated and Exchange services don’t start.  Actually I have encountered those services don’t start even if you don’t have an Internet proxy installed.  May be the services were unable to authenticate with the proxy service.

More details about managed code services, here. You will need this fix.

How to shutdown lots of servers.

You have a long list of servers to shutdown/reboot.  There is no budget and you are not exactly hot on installing free ware tools.

The built in command ‘shutdown’ is capable of performing a remote shutdown of computers.  Used with the /i or -i switch , you will get a nice window to choose your options and specify a text file of servers you want to work on.

Great for pulling down all the web servers, followed by the database servers and so on.


Strange questions that I have heard.

Generally when your colleagues that have clocked a few years in the organization as an application PMs, you don’t expect newbie questions.  Especially when the organization does not hire freshies.

So questions like “what is play-back-attack” and statements like “SSL is meant to encrypt data”, can leave me wondering where they cut their teeth on.  You are suppose to building web-based application! Well not every one sits down and read Wikipedia, so I let it pass.

It got more puzzling when I was processing domain name registration, some one asked, “how it is possible to put the contents of the website inside the DNS server?”

Unless you are working in an ISP, domain name registration is an one off activity and not everyone get to register new domains.  But when they don’t even know how a DNS works, it makes me wonder about IT background.

Where do you keep your phone?

Uruguay’s fan, Larissa Riquelme demonstrate a possible way of keeping an Nokia E71 handy.  Easily seen is the signature red power button at the top edge.

For a closer look.


This was later revealed as an advertising promotion for a local telco.