Lime Cheesecake generation 3

The limes from the supermarket downstairs are larger and gave much more juice that previous batch. Much more sour too.

Carefully taste the mixture at each step to avoid too much sweetness.   This time round, double the butter for the biscuit base.  It is now much easier to mould into the pan.  Unlike the second attempt it was like trying push dry sand.

Now for the waiting part.

Update 3 Feb 10
After 3 days of waiting, tested it.  The lime is way too strong, giving a raspy feeling .  Theodore as usual, gobbled up his portion like a champ and his sister’s too.

Philidelphia Cheesecake.

Waiting for the results of my second attempt at the Key Lime Cheesecake. The first attempt I literally followed the instructions to the letter. It was so sweet that my eyes nearly popped out.

This time round half the portion of condensed milk.

Update 15 Jan
After 3 days of waiting for the cake to ‘settle’, it tastes less sweet as the first round, but can be better.  I wonder if it was due to the sweetened creamer instead of sweetened condensed milk.  The crust needs lots of improvement.  The biscuits were not totally converted to powder causing a very flaky crust.
Need lots more butter too.  Third time lucky?

Update 17 Jan
Passed have the cake to Father and Brother.  They did not find it too sweet.  Father though was wondering where is the cake in the cheesecake.  Hmmmm

A friend has passed away.

This is a late. I just learn a friend has passed away in May 09.

We worked together in the automotive industry. He was the on-site IT delivery lead, I was the customer.

So we had interesting times together. I learned from him about handling paperwork, leading by example and much more.

He will be missed.

RIP Foo Yong Pat

Foo Yong Pat Obituary

I got screwed

What a week!
 I got an earful from the bosses about work issues.  Followed by a farewell lunch for the outsourced desktop engineer.  While on the road, a very helpful cabby pointed by rear tire is flat.  Gingerly I navigate out of the lunch time jam to the nearest car park.

Cross my fingers and hope the 5 year old spare tire has enough air.  The last time I top off the spare was nearly a year ago.  

Guess what caused the flat? Yup a screw in the tread.  It looks like a countersunk woodscrew. 🙂

During the weekend, assembled an Ikea Besta shelf with a Inreda drawer.  Besta shelf is a plain shelf that you can customize it with various bits like drawers, hangers for files, wine bottle holders, even a ladder!

My Inreda drawer is with Besta Tofta front.  Glossy red no less!
The drawer base is kept in place by grooves in the front and back.  The sides they used the roller arms.  From the side, the arms are screw mounted.  The left arm has bottom screw holes presumably to keep the base from bursting.  The right arm has no bottom screw holes and they don’t provide the screws.  Strange.

So all in all a screwy week.