Promoting Domain Controllers.

There are times you need to bring up a domain controller at a remote site.  Either to take over the from the current Dc on a temporary or permanent basis.

For a permanent basis, it is best if you can use a physical machines.  You can beat the replication traffic jam by backing up the current DC system state and ship the backup.   The backup when restored to a simple Windows folder can be used for DCPROMO /ADV.  This will  pick up the contents of the local file when promoting the local server as a Domain controller.  This form part of a baseline for the new DC, so that all the objects  do not need to be replicated.

The downside is that you need to secure that CD from being passed around.

Details on using the ADV switch here.

Replmon and NWlink

I noticed this strange performance when I was trying to recover this customer’s Windows 2003 Standard Domain Controller (DC).

It has NWlink protocol installed and the Replmon was unable to report the replication performance.  The screen on the blank is totally blank.  Replmon ran on other DCs without NWlink shows that this DC was functioning properly.  I did not think much about it putting it down to the something was corrupted.  That is until it happened again.

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Watch your disk size

As hard disk capacity climbs to 1 TB, it is prudent to keep an eye on the disk volume that you create.

Windows 2003 has a 2TB limit using Basic disk.  If Guid Partition Tables (GPT) are used, the limit is 256TB.  The catch is that you must have SP1 installed.

Read about it here.

Share names and scripts.

I was asked to check a problem with a customer’s login script.  Seems that some of the shares are not appearing on the user computers.

At the user end, browsing to the shares does not reveal a problem with permissions, therefore it has to be the script not working properly.

Turns out the share name contains a space.  that is  \\servername\Project Management.  The user computer choked on the space between Project and Management.  Putting the entire string in quotes solved the problem.

net use k: “\\servername\Project Management”

Gone were days when you create a share more than 8 characters you get a warning about compatibility.