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Installing an additional node to a SQL 2005 cluster

An SQL 2005 cluster can have up to upto 8 nodes for the Enterprise or Standard edition 2 nodes. Sometimes you only have the budget to do so much and the passive node gets postponed.

When you have finally get the passive node, how do you add it in?

Here it is the whole shebang and a few notes missing from Microsoft's website.

1. On the new node, install Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition.
2. Join to the domain and the Windows Cluster.
3. Test failover using the standard "Cluster Group". Do not install SQL 2005.
4. On an existing production node of the SQL 2005 cluster, go to the Control Panel.
5. Select "Add/Remove Software" and select SQL 2005.
6. Select the virtual instance and follow the wizard to completion.



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