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Creating a Linux Virtual Machine Part Duex

The VMTools required installation of kernel headers for Fedora Core 9, after a bit of head scratching, I managed to find it. This is done by Googling on compiling kernels and kernel headers.

Downloaded and installed the kernel-header package. Restart the vmware-config-tools.pl. This time round it accepted my kernel headers, it just don't like the version of it. It kept complaining of @@VMWARE@@ UTS RELEASE does not match my current kernel version. There are several people that have encountered this. Unfortunately the fix for this is for Linux version of VMWare server.

On the other hand, after reading about the different distribution of Linux, I have decided to try running Centos 5 as a guest. Since I already have the disks from a failed personal project to run VMWare server with Centos 5 as a host. It would be a simple matter of allocating disk space.

This time round, I made sure the gcc compiler and libraries are included. VMTools went in as smooth as a Windows applications install. Detected a version difference, asked for gcc and kernel headers, accepted, compiled and installed, all in a heartbeat.

Creating a Linux Virtual Machine kernel-header Linux Distros UTS RELEASE


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