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Driving roundabouts

Traffic circle or circus or roundabouts are fast disappearing in Singapore. Most have been removed for the more efficient signalized traffic junction. The few remaining circles are Suntec City Roundabout, Serangoon Garden Circle and Newton Circle. Newton Circle is signalized during peak hours.

As a result most drivers are not confident on what to do when approaching or in a roundabout. I have observed it is more of a case monkey see monkey do. My own driving theory lessons, a large number of years ago, don't cover handling roundabout.

So the skills of what to do and navigating a roundabout is nearly none existent.. One good eample is the circle at the end of Edgefield Plains in Punggol. Cars frequently stop in the roundabout to give way to other cars exiting the carpark.

Life of roundabout is now coming a full circle. No, this has nothing to do the Land Transport Authority that was once bent on eradicating these icons. Rather it is the Housing Development Board, in charge of providing public housing.

The new estates and revamped estates of the old, now features drop off porch to shelter the residents from the weather. This drop off porch is frequently, well a roundabout.

The proper way is to give way to vehicles in the circle and on your right. If you are in the circle, keep left to exit.

What happens if you don't give way at roundabouts? Click here


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