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Hitachi Data System SAN

Recently I have the chance to work on HDS AMS 200 SAN. It was quite an interesting experience.

When you create a LUN, it needs to be formatted. What it does during the formatting it never really say, but I find it very strange as I still need to perform the usual OS format.

The LUN expansion is performed by joining the LUNs and presenting a virtual LUN. It does not actually expanding the LUN.

Other than that most of the functions are fairly intuitive, adding hostgroups to controllers and adding WWN to the hostgroup, followed by adding LUNs. This is all that is required.

When configuring SAN storage and switch, it is prudent to remember that you are dealing with WWNs, which are like MAC addresses. Couple together with the LUNs which usually have an ID as reference and there is much if any descriptive fields, you have a potential recipe for disaster.

Always maintain a LUN table of the LUNs going to which server (WWN) and the purpose. This will make life easier.


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